FCS Monostack Grip Vice Kit M16 L150 H2.5


FCS Grip Vice Kit M16 L280 H5

Set Code: 0200-00021

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Complete workholding solution for your 3, 4 or 5-axis machine tool.

This kit consists of:

  • M16 Base Strip Gauge L400 x W80 x H40mm
  • M16 Indexed Monostack Body H80mm
  • M16 Monostack Body H80mm
  • Monostack Mini Vise H50 D.78
  • Monostack Pallet Interface Kit (52 x 52 centres)
  • Rings and Rods required (for assembly)
  • FCS Magnetic Plug Puller
  • FCS Slide Hammer
  • FCS System Grip Vise L150 x W80 x H80mm with 2.5mm jaw seating

Key strengths and main features of our Grip Vise kits:

  • Compact grip: starting from 2,5mm;
  • Higher workable surface of the workpiece;
  • No preliminary work of the part to be clamped is required (no prestamping required);
  • Strong workpiece grip with minimal deformation (upto 20kN of clamping force in our smallest machine vise).


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